From the earliest moments I can remember I have been creative and knew That is what I would do with my life. Growing up in Pittsburgh, PA I was always painting, drawing, silk screening, and building. With a father who was an artist and a mother who was a scientist I thought I may pursue scientific illustration. While Attending West Virginia University, I fell in love with Graphic Design and chose that as my degree path. Graduating four years later and being awarded Best Senior Design Thesis I packed up my Mac and Headed west.
I spent ten years in Boulder, Colorado working as a Graphic Designer. First with Pearl Izumi designing cycling apparel and then with Whole Foods Market on the Marketing Team. After a couple of years at Whole Foods in Colorado I accepted a design position with them in California and made the move further west.

After 15 years with Whole Foods MArket, in two states and opening of over 20 stores, it was time to move on. I spent a year at a small design studio before making the leap into the California Cannabis industry. After having been a part of recreational legalization in 2018 and many years in the business I find that I really enjoy being a part of creating this industry from scratch.
Graphic design has always been, and continues to be my passion. I excel at Brand building, ad campaigns, events and promotions. I thrive in creative environments and with creative teams. As my skills have matured, I have found myself moving into the Art Direction and project management rolls which challenge and excite me.
I am always looking for new opportunities for growth and collaborations.
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